Workshop Registration

Note: Important when registering online for WORKSHOPS.

We use a 2-step on-line registration process to enroll in workshops. Please remember that you need to have paid your membership dues for the current year in order to be eligible to attend a workshop. In most cases, supply lists are also posted on line with a link located in the workshop description.

The process is as follows:
Click on the link below and you will be directed to complete a registration form which is submitted to the Registrar.

The registrar will review your request and if there is room in the workshop an email will be sent to you which gives you a link to make payment through the portal. If not, you will be placed on a wait list. Please remember that you are not registered in the class until you make payment and receive a confirmation email and receipt.
If you need assistance to register or to pay by check or cash, please contact the registrar directly to make arrangements.

Workshop Cancellation Policy
If a participant finds it necessary to cancel, they need to contact the registrar as soon as possible so the seat may potentially be offered to someone else.  If the cancellation is 3 weeks or more prior to the workshop, a refund will be issued.  If it is less than 3 weeks prior to the workshop, no refund will be issued. However, the member cancelling may gift or sell their space to the next person on the waiting list. If there is not a waiting list they can gift or sell to a person of their choosing. 

Registrar: Carol Sayles

Non-Member Participation in Workshops 
Workshops are offered to members at a very reasonable cost, as a benefit of membership. Members will be given the first opportunity to register. For most workshops, three weeks prior to the workshop, IF space is available, non-members will be permitted to register at a slightly higher cost.  This is subject to the discretion of the Program Chair and Registrar.  

Register for Snack Bag Workshop with Linda O’Brien: Snack Bag Workshop