Westside Quilters Guild, Inc. Policies

Meeting Cancelation Policy for Inclement Weather
The Westside Quilters Guild will cancel its regularly scheduled monthly meeting for inclement weather (snow or ice) when the Hillsboro School District is closed. If the storm arrives after school is over for the day, closures will be announced on the website, the Yahoo site and/or by phone tree. Date: December, 2009

Documents posted to Yahoo website
When documents are added or changed to the Yahoo website, change them to PDF format prior to adding them, to enable the greatest number of persons to open them without difficulty. To do this on your computer, go to Adobe.com. or Google/Bing CutePDF writer.com. Follow the download instructions given. The download is free, and related to Adobe Reader, which enables all to read / open PDF files. Date: Dec. 2009

Workshops and Retreats
Retreats will be self-funded from participant fees.
Workshops will be self-funded as far as possible, but there may be occasions when we may decide to spend general guild funds for a special event. Date: March, 2010
During the time they are in office or chairing, the Program/Workshop Officer and Retreat Chair may, at their option, decide to attend the workshop or retreat without charge or with a partial charge. Should there be co-chairs, they may attend with up to half of the cost of the workshop or retreat without charge. The policy recognizes the extra work involved in setting up and organizing these events, but these persons may also opt to pay for the events in question. Date: Feb. 5, 2013
Workshops: Payment & Refunds Payment for a workshop is due in full at the time of signing up, retreats will require a $50 deposit to sign up. Revised 2/2/2020 If the member/attendee cannot make payments, the member/attendee may be placed on the waiting list until your payment is received. A refund will be given if notice of cancellation is received no later than two weeks before the date of the workshop. Revised 2/2/2020 Retreat cancellation policy is determined by each retreat coordinator and you are notified at the time of registration. The cancellation notification for a refund is an estimated is 30-45 days prior to the retreat. Revised 2/2/2020. No refund will be given after this date, unless there is a waiting list. A person who has signed up may offer a “scholarship” to another person or sell their place, but must notify the workshop chair. An exception to this refund policy may be allowed in the event of a medical or family emergency. Non-members may attend if no members are on the waiting list, and will pay an up-charge based on the discretion of the workshop chair.
The sign-up list will be arranged on a first-come, first-serve basis. There will be no registration for workshops or retreats prior to the opening of the guild meeting – it is open during the meeting break. Revised 2/2/2020 Payment of the registration fee must be received 90 days in advance of the date of the retreat to retain a slot. No non-members will be allowed to sign-up until 60 days prior to the event. They may sign up on the waiting list, but members will be given priority over non-members as part of the benefit of membership. Revised 2/2/2020. Current membership dues are required prior to signing up for workshops and retreats. Revised 2/2/2020 There will be an extra charge for non- members’ fees, and the up charge will be based on costs but will be no more than the amount of a year’s membership. A refund will be given if notice of cancelation is received no later than three weeks before the date of the retreat and there is someone on the waiting list, otherwise no refunds will be given after this date. A person who has signed up may offer a “scholarship” to another person or sell their place, but must notify the retreat chair. An exception to this refund policy may be allowed in the case of a medical or family emergency. Date: Aug, 2012
Westside Quilters Guild, a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation, provides a suitable quilt for other charitable organizations for the purposes of a raffle. We provide up to five quilts per our fiscal year for this purpose. WQG will do this if the following criteria are met:

  1. There is a suitable quilt available to WQG for donation.
  2. The requesting organization is a charitable organization with a 501 federal designation, and
    provides documentation of that designation.
  3. The organization plans to use the quilt in a legal raffle to raise funds for the support of their
    designated charities.
  4. There is a written request with the above documentation to the WQG. Date: March, 2013