Printable: Policies

 Westside Quilters Guild Adopted Aug. 2, 2021 



Westside Quilters Guild, Inc. 

Meeting Cancellation Policy for Inclement Weather The Westside Quilters Guild will cancel its regularly scheduled monthly meeting for inclement weather (snow or ice) when the Hillsboro School District is closed. If the storm arrives after school is over for the day, closures will be announced at westsidequiltersguild.com. 

Workshops and Retreats 

Workshops: Workshops will be self-funded. 

Payment: Payment in full is due at the time of sign up for the workshop. If the payment cannot be made, the member/attendee may be placed on the waiting list until payment in full is received. Placement on the wait list is subject to workshop availability and the discretion of the registrar. 

Refunds: A refund will be given if notice of cancellation is received no later than two weeks before the date of the workshop. No refund will be given after this date. However, the attendee who is cancelling may transfer their class to another attendee and recoup payment if mutually agreed upon. If there is a wait list for the class, the registrar may facilitate transfer of the class to another attendee. Any changes to attendance at the workshop must be communicated to the Program Chair and/or the Registrar. Exceptions to this refund policy may be allowed in the event of a medical or family emergency, at the discretion of the Program Chair or designee. 

Signups: Current, active Guild membership is required prior to signing up which is defined as membership dues paid in full. The sign-up list will be arranged on a first come, first serve basis. Registration will be conducted on-line or via phone conversation with the Registrar. Sign up at Guild meetings may be offered. However, workshop registration will be filtered through the Guild’s web site and payment made on-line through the payment portal unless alternative payment arrangements have been made directly through the Registrar. 

Non-members: Non-members may attend if no Guild members are on the waiting list and will pay an up-charge based on an amount determined by the Program Chair and at their discretion. Non-members may register no earlier than 2 weeks prior to the workshop. 


Retreats will be self-funded with attendees paying the full cost of attendance. Rarely, the Program Chair, with Board approval, may offer a Guild funded scholarship for retreat attendance which discounts the tuition in part or in full. Westside Quilters Guild Adopted Aug. 2, 2021