Meeting Minutes

Westside Quilters Guild
General Membership Meeting
July 14, 2022
Aloha Faith Center

The meeting was called to order by President Marianne Greenley at 6:30pm.

Featured Speaker: Sue Hauser
• Sue introduced Dawn White of First Light Designs. Dawn taught a class for Westside Quilters some years ago on inset circles. She showed her wonderful collection of quilts including one based on Hazel’s Diary Quilt. She also showed two Dresden Neighborhood quilts which she will be teaching a workshop for soon. Her blog and tutorials can be found at

Mini-Raffle: Denise Lancaster
Denise showed the items to be raffled. Tickets will be available at the break. After the break, Denise handed out the winning items. The raffle brought in $52.00.

Postcards: Jean Laswell
Postcard kits will be available at the break. They can be donated for sale at the quilt show or they can be returned to you. Make sure to put your name on them. Cards will be collected at the August General Meeting. Paint Chip Challenge quilts will be displayed at Shute Park Library and Cornelius Public Library in September to promote the quilt show.

Ways and Means: Sue Nichols and Rene Friberg
• Sue and Denise are looking for members to monitor the beer garden at the August 12 and 13 Garlic Festival in North Plains. Four people are needed per shift, shifts are two hours. This event brings in $1200 for the Guild.
• The brown bag fundraising sale will be held on Sept. 8 at the Jesse Mays Center in North Plains. They will begin collecting donations next month.

June General Meeting Minutes:
Marianne noted that minutes will stand approved if there are no corrections.
Election of Officers: Marianne Greenley
Marianne introduced new Board members: Renee Friberg, Ways & Means; Laurie Hopper, Membership; and Erin Davis, Treasurer.

Programs: Sue Hauser
• Sue showed a quilt made by improvisational quilter Robin O’Neil. Robin will be the speaker at the August meeting and will teach a workshop soon after.
• Please send your list of UFOs to Connie Gaebel. The reveal will be in November.
• No Machines Required will be held at the Cornelius Public Library on July 27, 3:00-5:00pm.
• Heidi Nesheim noted that the next Sewing Saturday will be at Aloha Sew and Vac from 9:00-4:00 on July 16.

Quilt Show: Joyce Greenfield
They still need someone with a trailer hitch. There is room for another vendor. Each member is allowed to display one quilt; quilts do not require a sleeve. Let them know if you have a large quilt to display so they can leave space.

Education: Sherry Smith
The AccuQuilt cutter is available for checkout.

Show and Tell:
About 30 quilts were shown, approx. one-half for Charity.

Door Prizes: Jean Laswell gave these out. This will be the last time door prizes will be given.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm.

Next Board Meeting: July 25, 11:00am at Shadywood Park.
Next General Meeting: August 11, 6:30pm, Aloha Faith Center.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Newton, Secretary

Westside Quilters Guild
General Membership Meeting
June 9, 2022
Aloha Faith Center

The meeting was called to order by President Marianne Greenley at 6:30pm. 

Featured Speaker:   Sue Hauser
Sue introduced Kathie R. Kerler, a professional quilt show judge, who spoke on the topic What Were the Judges Thinking?.   She is the only judge in Oregon certified by the National Association of Certified Quilt Judges.  Kathie talked about the aspects of quilting the judges consider, including general appearance, design (balance, value, color, unity and variety), and technical proficiency.   The most important quality is visual impact.  Most shows require that quilts are no more than two years old.  Kathie showed quilts that demonstrated the concepts she discussed.

Postcards:  Mary Lafler
The TARTS group has made postcards, using the Quilt Show theme of A Quilted Paradise, to be shown at the October quilt show.  Members are invited to participate.  Postcards are to be no bigger than 4-1/4 x 6 inches; kits are available.  Please contact Mary with any questions.  Prizes will be awarded. 

Membership:  Chase Lawrence
June is Chase’s last month as Membership Chair.  The renewal process will be available on-line beginning July 1.  Cost is $48.00. 

Marilynn Hickman will be in the lobby at the break selling tickets for the Quilt Show raffle quilt.

May General Meeting Minutes:
Sherry Smith moved that the minutes from the May 12 General Meeting be approved, the motion was seconded and approved unanimously.  Please send any changes or corrections to Karen Newton.

Election of Officers:  Marianne Greenley
Marianne reviewed the current Board of Directors and announced the two people who have volunteered to replace outgoing members.  Laurie Hooper will replace Chase Lawrence as Membership Chair, and Erin Davis will replace Carol Sayles as Treasurer.

An election was held on-line (paper ballots were made available to those not able to vote on-line). The following officers were elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the 22-23 year:
Marianne Greenley – President
Sherry Smith – Vice President: Education
Cheryl Kraft – Vice President: Charity
Karen Newton: Secretary
Erin Davis: Treasurer
Laurie Hopper: Membership
Sue Hauser: Program Chair
Sue Nichols and Renee Friberg: Ways and Means
Programs:  Sue Hauser

Sue announced that Dawn White will be the July speaker.   Dawn will do a workshop soon on the Dresden Neighborhood quilt.

Ways and Means:  Sue Nichols
Sue is planning a “garage sale” fundraiser for the fall at the Jesse Mays Center.   It was agreed to have it the night Sept. 8, in place of the general meeting.

Quilt Show and Technology:  Joyce Greenfield
Joyce is planning raffle prizes which will consist of black and white fabric and is looking for ½ yard donations.  These could be pre-cuts or batiks as well as regular cotton.

The Guild is now on Instagram.

UFO Challenge:  Connie Gaebel
Please send Connie a list of projects you anticipate finishing.   See the website for details on what is eligible.  There is no cost and prizes will be awarded. The reveal will be on Nov. 10; only three quilts per person will be shown.

Sewing Saturday:  Heidi Neishem
The next Sewing Saturday will be 9-4 on June 18 at the new venue, Aloha Sew and Vac.

Charity:  Cheryl Kraft
The Springs is ready to welcome us back for charity sewing.  This should happen in the second week of July from 9 to 12.   More details to follow.

Education:  Sherry Smith
The AccuQuilt cutter is available to be borrowed.

Show and Tell:  Over 20 quilts were shown; three were for charity.

Next Board meeting:  June 24, 11:00, Rood Bridge Park.

Next General meeting:  July 14, 6:30 pm at Aloha Faith Center

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Newton, Secretary


Westside Quilters Guild
General Membership Meeting
May 12, 2022
Aloha Faith Center

The meeting was called to order by President Marianne Greenley at 6:30pm.

Sunshine and Shadows: Marianne announced that S & S would be shared at the beginning of the meeting in the future, allowing people to talk at the break. Bev Halprin has a new grandson.

Mini Raffle: Denise Lancaster showed a great selection of fabric to be raffled. Tickets are available at the break.

Raffle Quilt: Jean Laswell announced that tickets will be for sale at the break, six for $5 or $1 each. 3500 have been printed this year. Posters are available if you are going to a quilt store or other location where it can be displayed.

Featured Speaker:
• Sue Hauser introduced Cynthia Brunz, a scrap quilter with a long-arm business in Eugene. Her blog is Quilting is More Fun than Housework. Cynthia discussed her methods for organizing scraps (by color) and shared some great tips. She displayed the quilt she will be teaching at the October Quilt Show, as well as many other lovely quilts she has made.
• Next month the speaker will be Kathie R. Kerler, a professional quilt show judge.

Membership: Chase Lawrence welcomed new members: Jody Beal, Darcie Casper, Emily Delano, and Lynn Martin. Twenty-five people attended the meeting via Zoom.

Approval of Minutes: Sue Nichols moved that the minutes from the April 14 general meeting be approved, Heidi Nesheim seconded the motion, and it was approved unanimously.

North Plains Senior Center:
• Marianne announced that the Guild will be ending its association with the North Plains Senior Center. Items stored there have been moved.
• The North Plains Post Office is raising box rental rates effective the end of May. We will pursue getting a p. o. box in Hillsboro.
• Sue Greathouse, Jane Hogue, and Jean Laswell have obtained a $1300 grant from Hillsboro Arts and Culture Council to go toward the October quilt show.
• Election of Officers is next month. Membership and Treasurer positions are open. Members have volunteered to fill these positions, but if anyone is interested and wants to be put on the ballot, they should let Marianne know.
• Susan Greathouse is still in need of help with technology.

• Carol Sayles reviewed the budget for fiscal year 22-23. Projected costs are $48,000; we will fall about $2500 short. We have money is reserve and will be fine, but cannot continue in this way. We break even on workshops, retreats, and the quilt show. However, costs continue to increase on other things such as credit card fees, insurance, storage, meeting space, charity batting, and programs.
• Ways to reduce the deficit include raising membership fees, getting more donations, or finding sponsors to provide batting. Carol encouraged everyone to consider participating in the Fred Meyer and Amazon rewards programs. These programs earn us dollars and are easy to enroll in; links are in your newsletter.

Quilt Along: Joyce Greenfield
If you want to participate, let her know. There is still time for her to print a label for you. If you are not receiving the Weds. Patch let her know.
Sewing Saturdays: Heidi Nesheim
Sewing Saturdays will no longer be held at the North Plains Senior Center; however, Aloha Sew and Vac has offered to let us use their workroom which accommodates 28 people. There is no setup or takedown required and it is free! Sewing Saturdays will now be held on the 3rd Saturday of the month; the next will be June 18, 9am to 4pm. A space for Sewing Weekend is yet to be found.

Charity: Cheryl Kraft
• The workshop with Helene Knott was held on April 30 and was a fun and successful event with 24 people present. Helene guided the group in round-robin sewing of Courthouse Steps blocks. Over 139 blocks were completed and will yield four to five large lap quilts for charity. There are many leftover 1.5” strips which can be used to make more blocks.
• Cheryl and Toni Beattie were gifted many quilt tops in various shapes and sizes and will sort through those acceptable for charity.
• We are still waiting for the Tanasborne Springs to invite use to resume our charity sewing sessions.

Ways and Means: Sue Nichols
• Sue also encouraged everyone to sign up for Fred Meyer and Amazon’s reward programs. It is easy and doesn’t affect your benefits.
• She also asked everyone to save their bottles and cans; we will sign up for the Bottle Drop program. Mary Van Loo volunteered to take this on.
• Sue is looking for a venue for a garage sale in the Fall.
• The mini raffle brought in $207.

Show and Tell:
Approximately 30 great quilts were shown, some for charity. 
• Door Prizes: Sue Hauser, Susan Greathouse, Donna Beaver, Trudy Wilson, Mary Lafler, Chase Lawrence and Robin O’Neil were winners
• Marianne asked that anyone who has a North Plains post office box key give it to Carol Sayles.

Next Board meeting: May 23 at 10:00 via Zoom.
Next General meeting: June 9, 6:30 pm at Aloha Faith Center
Respectfully submitted,
Karen Newton, Secretary


Westside Quilters Guild
General Membership Meeting
April 14, 2022
Aloha Faith Center

The meeting was called to order by President Marianne Greenley at 6:30pm. She welcomed everyone to the first meeting at Aloha Faith Center and the 15th anniversary of the Guild.

Marianne issued many thank-yous to:
Those who planned and managed the Zoom meetings.
Renee Friberg for finding the facility.
Shirlene Harrington for planning refreshments and remembrances for this 15-year celebration.
Jean Laswell and Steve Rice who started the guild and early members Paula DiNovo, Julie Mason, and Roni Andrews.
Marianne reviewed a list of all past presidents beginning with Jean Laswell.

Everyone received a butterfly pin colored to correspond to the number of years they have been in the guild.
A group photo of everyone was taken.
There were 12 visitors present and 23 Zoom attendees.

Approval of Minutes:
Sherry Smith moved that the minutes from the March 21 general meeting be approved as submitted. The motion was seconded and approved unanimously. Please send any changes or corrections to Karen Newton.

Programs: Sue Hauser
• Members came to the podium individually, spoke briefly about their involvement with the Guild, and displayed a recent project.
• Upcoming programs will be listed on website and in the Wednesday Patch, and will include the Frankenbag, a bed turning, ergonomics, and vintage textiles.

Pastor Brad Paice welcomed everyone to his facility. (Thanks to Pastor Brad for staying at our meeting and making sure the AV was working.)

Membership: Chase Lawrence
Chase welcomed our new members; the Guild now has 186.

Quilt Show: Joyce Greenfield and Heidi Nesheim
• The Guild’s quilt show will be held at the Hidden Creek Community Center in Hillsboro on Oct. 1 and 2 with setup on Friday; volunteers are needed. Donna Fairchild is coordinating vendors and Marilyn Hickman is managing the raffle quilt, which was donated by Robbie Berg.
• Quilt raffle tickets will be available at the next meeting, six for $5.00. 3500 are being printed. Winner must be 18 years of age; tickets can be sold only in Oregon. Prizes will be awarded to the person selling the winning ticket and the one who sells the most tickets.

Charity: Cheryl Kraft
• The Guild has given away most of the quilts in reserve to our charities. In addition, she received a request from OHSU/Tuality Chaplain’s Service for six passage quilts.
• Signup for the April 30 charity workshop with Helene Knott will be limited to 26; Cheryl will have a wait list if needed.

Education: Sherry Smith
The AccuQuilt cutter is available to be borrowed.
Basic sewing will be taught to fifteen 4th and 5th graders at Free Orchards school.

Ways and Means: Sue Nichols
Funding sources in the near future include the North Plains Garlic Festival and a garage sale in August.

Next Meeting: Thursday, May 12, 6:30pm

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Newton, Secretary


General Meeting Minutes

March 21, 2022 (via Zoom)

The meeting was called to order by President Marianne Greenley at 6:30pm.  This is the last Zoom general meeting.

Paint Chip Challenge:  Carrie Townsend

Participants received two paint chips, the colors of which were to be combined with one neutral to create a 12 x 12 quilt.   Submissions were received from 28 people.  Jane Hogue prepared a slide show of the quilts which were beautiful and imaginative.  A poll will be sent out soon which members can use to vote for the Best Use of Theme and the Viewer’s Choice.

Results of the poll taken after the meeting: (The votes were tallied and each of you are winners.)

Best Use of Theme – a tie between Judy Block and Marta Lansing.

Viewers’ Choice – Ruth Voelker

Random Draw – Patty Dobbs and Shirlene Harrington

February General Meeting Minutes:  The minutes of the February general meeting will stand approved unless there are changes or corrections.  These should be sent to Karen Newton.

New Meeting Day:  Marianne announced a new meeting day for the general meeting:  the second Thursday of the month.

New Meeting Venue:  Aloha Faith Center, at the Safeway mall between 198th and 209th avenues in Aloha.   The address is on the website and will appear on future notices.  The space is smaller than New Life Church, so to help with setup, members will be contacted prior to the meeting to see if they plan to attend.  We will be able to offer Zoom also.  Sue Greathouse has volunteered to manage the technical aspects of this, but will need a volunteer to help.  Marianne sent out a big thank-you to Renee Friberg for taking on the search for a new meeting place.

Marilyn Hickman has volunteered to manage the raffle quilt.  Volunteers have been found to fill the Treasurer and Membership Board positions.

Jean Laswell will be leading a quilted postcard project with the theme of My Quilted Paradise.  More details to follow.

Technology:  Joyce Greenfield

The purpose of the Weds. Patch is get out information between other events or messages.  Mailchimp is able to track when email arrives, is opened, and if there are invalid addresses.  If you think you are not receiving it, be sure to check you Promotions or Spam folders.

Since the April meeting will be the first in person meeting for a while, Marianne would like it to be a celebration and acknowledgement of all those who have got us this far.  She needs a volunteer to help her plan this.

Charity:  Cheryl Kraft

A charity sewing group will be meeting on April 30 at the North Plains Senior Center.  Helene Knott will be leading the project.  Registration is open on-line and is free.  It will be limited to 26 people to start.

Education:  Sherry Smith

Two after-school programs are scheduled for Adelante Chicas.

Membership:  Chase Lawrence

The Guild has two new members:  Judy Mar-Zaleski and Miechelle Pape.   Guests who asked for a link to this meeting are Ellie Kruger and Becky Lambert.

Heidi noted that new dates for Sewing Saturday and Sewing Weekend will be posted on the website.

Show and Tell:  Jane Hogue

Jane posted slides of quilts by Donna Fairchild and Alicia Johnson.

Marianne issued a big thank-you to Joyce Greenfield for managing the technology to make the Zoom meetings happen.

The next Board meeting will be the last Monday of the month at 10:00 via Zoom. 
The next general meeting will be the second Thursday of the month, April 14, at 6:30pm at Aloha Faith Center.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Newton, Secretary


WQG General Meeting Jan 2022
Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2022 (via Zoom)

The meeting was called to order by President Marianne Greenley at 6:30pm.
Guest Speaker:
Sue Hauser introduced Karen Stone, zooming from Dallas, Texas.  Karen is a prolific quilter and her quilts range from traditional to very modern. She has numerous awards to her credit and many quilts that are well known in the quilting world.  Karen showed a slide show of her gorgeous quilts (and cats).  She also described her evolution as a quilter.

December General Meeting Minutes:  The minutes of the December general meeting will stand approved unless there are changes or corrections.  These should be sent to Karen Newton.

Grants:  Susan Greathouse reported that the Guild has received a $1500 grant from the Cultural Coalition of Washington County to be used for the quilt show.  Susan, Jean Laswell and Jane Hogue prepared the grant.   They are also pursuing a $2000 grant from the Hillsboro Community Foundation.

Sewing Saturdays and Weekends:  Heidi Nesheim announced that the “free” table will be limited to one weekend per month.  Items donated should be sewing or craft-related.   Heidi asks that, if items are not taken, they be removed by the donator.  

New Meeting Venue:  Renee Friberg is heading up the search for a new meeting place.   If anyone has ideas, please forward them to her.

Sunshine and Shadows:  Joyce Greenfield announced that Becky Leitl’s daughter has had another stroke.  Also Carrie Townsend’s stepfather passed away.   Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Quilt Along:  Details for the first two blocks will be sent out in the next Wednesday Patch email.  Please let Joyce know if you are going to participate.

Quilt Show:  Heidi Nesheim has been working on the physical layout of the show.  Cynthia Brunz is excited to be the featured quilter.  Find more about her at  

Programs:  Sue Hauser 

  • Next month’s speaker will be Jaimie Davis, who will speak to us about how to create a landscape quilt – even if you don’t know how to draw.
  • No Machines Required (NMR) is a handwork group. Attendees work on anything they want that doesn’t require a sewing machine. Meetings are on the 4th Wednesday of every month at the North Plains Senior Center. At the February NMR, Sue Hauser will do a short demo on Sashiko.  Questions about NMR should be directed to Toni Beattie.
  • Workshops will be scheduled soon and will be detailed in the newsletter and on the website.

Education:  Sherry Smith announced that they are making one of the AccuQuilt machines available for use by members. 

Compassion Quilts:  Connie Gaebel has been managing the donation of these quilts to members who have had a loss in their family.  Five have been given out this year.  If you have a quilt to donate, please contact her.  Charity fabric is also available for this purpose.

Quilt Challenge:  Carrie Townsend reviewed the rules of the challenge.  Each participant will be given two paint chips.  Two colors and a neutral will be used to make a 12 x 12 inch (finished) quilt.  Thirty people have signed up so far.  Gift cards from Sharon’s Attic, Aloha Sew and Vac, and Cotton Cure will be presented to the winners.

Membership:  Chase Lawrence welcomed two guests, Melanie Hauser and Gwen Billings.

Ways and Means:  Sue Nichols and JudyQ are always looking for ways to make money; let them know if you have ideas. Currently being considered is something to do with UFO’s and an on-line auction. 

History Mystery:  Jean Laswell presented the last in her series:  the Quilt Block Trail.

In the fall of 2012 Julie Mason and her husband Ellis discovered quilt barn trails as they travelled across the Midwest. They asked, “Why don’t we have a Quilt Barn Trail in

Washington County?”  Julie Mason proposed to the guild membership that we develop a quilt barn trail for our county. The Guild voted to support the project.  With help from a grant from the Cultural Coalition of Washington County and the support of many, many community members, the trail was completed in 2019 with 58 blocks installed.  Jane Fouste is now leading the project.   For more details and the complete text of Jean’s report, please see the WQG website.

Block of the Month:  Alicia Johnson is the winner of the December blocks.  The BOM will be suspended for six months and in its stead will be the quilt-along.

Show and Tell:  Jane Hogue showed slides of quilts by Donna Fairchild, Toni Beattie, Shirlene Harrington, Chase Lawrence and Jan Hogue.

Next Meeting:  Monday, February 21, 6:30pm, via Zoom.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Newton, Secretary

WQG General Meeting Dec 2021
Meeting Minutes

December 20, 2021 
(via Zoom)

The meeting was called to order by President Marianne Greenley at 6:30pm.

The minutes from the November general meeting will stand approved unless there are any objections.  Contact Karen Newton with corrections.

Marianne announced that Diana Attia passed away in November.

The New Life Church will not be available for future meetings.    The search is on for a new venue.

The quilt challenge reveal will take place at the March meeting.

Technology:  Joyce Greenfield noted that, if you think you are not getting the newsletter, check in your promotions folder.   It is sent out the Monday before the general meeting.

Programs:  Sue Hauser

  • Karen K. Stone, paper piecer extraordinaire, will be the January speaker.
  • Helene Knott will conduct a free charity sewing day soon.
  • Joyce announced that a quilt-along will begin in January.  Two blocks will be sent out each month for six months.  The theme will be stars.  The blocks will be 12-1/2” unfinished.

Holiday Happy Hour:  Members were separated into random small groups and posed questions for everyone to answer, e.g., what is your favorite holiday food?  Groups were then shuffled and presented with a new question.

Block of the Month:  Erin Davis was the winner of five BOMs.

Show and Tell:  Jane Hogue

  • Slides were shown of Holiday quilts by:  Heidi Nesheim, Becky Leitl, Nancy Stober, Carolyn Drosd, Marianne Greenley, Connie Gaebel, Bev Halperin, AnnMarie Cowley, Mary Laffler, and Susan Greathouse.
  • Other non-holiday quilts were shown by:  Toni Beattie, Connie Gaebel, and Deborah Bolton.

Joyce Greenfield shared a poem and the meeting concluded at 7:47pm.

Next Meeting:  January 17, 6:30pm, via Zoom.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Newton, Secretary

WQG General Meeting Nov 2021
Meeting Minutes

November 15, 2021 

The meeting was called to order by President Marianne Greenley at 6:30pm.

Featured Speaker:

Sue Hauser introduced Karen Brown from Just Get it Done Quilts in eastern Canada.  Karen talked about how to Be the Best Quilter You Can Be.  She presented a personality quiz to help us identify our strengths and weaknesses.  Karen emphasized the importance of practice and decluttering.  She has many videos on Youtube; her next one will be on raw edge applique.  She will be teaching on an Alaska cruise in May.  To find more details or sign up for her newsletter, go to her website:

Minutes of October meeting:

Marianne noted that the minutes are on the website and will stand approved unless there are comments or changes.  Please contact Karen Newton with any corrections.


  • Marianne announced that Robbie Berg has resigned as Programs director.  Sue Hauser has stepped in to take on those duties.
  • The December program will be a holiday celebration.   Plans are to break into groups and share current projects.   Please send any ideas to Marianne.  
  • Another get-together at Rood Bridge Park is planned for this coming Thursday, 11/18, at 1:00pm.  There will be door prizes and a raffle.
  • Sue Hauser announced that Karen Stone will be the speaker for January.  Upcoming workshops include JudyQ Block’s Judy Niemeyer class, snack bags, and Featherweight maintenance.  Other workshops could include Krista Moser and Rice Bags.  Let her know what you are interested in.

Quilt Challenge:  Carrie Townsend

The challenge is to create a 12” square quilt using colors from two paint chips.  You will use two shades from each paint chip plus a neutral.   The reveal will be at the March 15 meeting.  Contact Carrie Townsend to get your colors; see website and newsletter for more details.

Oregon Garden Retreat:  Mary Lafler

39 spots are currently taken; one more is available.   She has a wait list which will require a $50 deposit.

Membership:  Chase Lawrence

The Guild currently has 182 members.  Directories have been distributed.

Technology and Quilt Show:  Joyce Greenfield

The new email delivery system, Mailchimp, is working well.

Joyce and Heidi Nesheim, Quilt Show co-chairs, are working to secure a featured quilter.

Ways and Means:  JudyQ Block and Sue Nichols

Judy Q will have a raffle prize and door prize for the Rood Bridge gathering.

History Mystery #8, Education:  Jean Laswell

  • In 2008, Marcia Gilliland and her committee wrote a program on the history of quilting which has been presented many times to area schools, churches, and other groups. This was shown at Vernonia High where we taught a multi-week course on quilting. We have also taught quilting skills at area schools, at Showtime at Shute Park in the summer, and at The Saturday Hillsboro Farmers Market. 
  • We have also taught quilting skills at area schools, at Showtime at Shute Park in the summer, and at the Saturday Hillsboro Farmers Market. 
  • Our guild has staged two Quilt Documentation Days with The Oregon Quilt Project. Information about all the Quilt Project quilts will be available at the International Quilt Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska, .
  • Another group with whom we have collaborated for several years is Adelante Mujeres of Forest Grove.  
  • A few years ago, our own Alicia Johnson started the Sewing for Others Club at the International School of Beaverton for middle school students.
  • Most recently we have made a climate change quilt with Bag & Baggage Theater consisting of twenty blocks expressing our thoughts on climate change. The top was shown this past Saturday at the Vault Theater.

New participants are always welcome to join the Education committee. For more information about Education and to volunteer your assistance, contact Education Chair Susan Greathouse.  (For more details of our education work, see the website).

Block of the Month:  Deborah Bolton

Last month’s block was Maple Leaf; December’s block will be Friendship Star; directions will be emailed.

Show and Tell:  Jane Hogue

There were lots of great quilts submitted this month, from:  Heidi Nesheim, Ruth Volker, Karen Collier, Carrie Townsend, Toni Beattie, Alicia Johnson, Martha Robertson, Marilyn Hickman, Sherry Smith, and Jean Laswell (Lewis and Clark display).

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25pm.

Next Meeting:  December 20, 6:30pm, via Zoom.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Newton, Secretary

WQG General Meeting Oct 2021
Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2021
(via Zoom)

The meeting was called to order by President Marianne Greenley at 6:30pm.  

  • She thanked Robbie Berg for organizing the Cannon Beach retreat.
  • Marianne and Sue Hauser went to the Hillsboro Arts & Culture Endowment Awards where they accepted a $758 grant.
  • Marianne issued an invitation to the next informal gathering at Rood Bridge Park this coming Weds., Oct. 20, at 10:00am.  There will be hot cider, a raffle, and door prize. 

Featured Speaker:

Sue Hauser introduced Krista Moser who presented a slide show entitled Diamonds are a Quilter’s Best Friend.  Krista described her challenge with dyslexia which made it difficult to read or write patterns, but fueled her creativity.  In 2017, with the help of friends, she began to put out patterns and designed a diamond ruler.  She showed her wonderful quilts and detailed her techniques of cutting and piecing diamonds without y-seams.  There was a great deal of interest in a Zoom class by Krista; Sue Hauser will work on it.  Krista has videos on YouTube on binding and making a scalloped edge.  Her website is The Quilted Life (

Minutes of September meeting:

Marianne noted that the minutes are on the website and will stand approved unless there are comments or changes.  Please contact Karen Newton with any corrections.

Programs:  Robbie Berg reviewed upcoming programs (see newsletter and website for more details).

  • No Machines Required:  Oct. 27 and Nov. 17, 3:00 at the Senior Center in North Plains.
  • Sewing Weekend:  Nov. 12-14 at the North Plains Senior Center. 
  • The November speaker will be Karen Brown from Just Get it Done Quilts.

Quilt Challenge:

Carrie Townsend discussed a challenge where participants draw two paint chip colors and design a 12 x 12 block using these colors.   Details will be in next month’s newsletter; contact her with questions.


Chase Lawrence reported that the Guild currently has 181 members.  Directories are out and will be available at the next Sewing Weekend and at the Rood Bridge gathering on Weds.  She welcomed a new member, Keri Bellows.

Technology:  Joyce Greenfield

We have switched to a new email delivery system, Mailchimp.  If you are not receiving emails, you may need to check your Promotions folder.

Ways and Means:  Sue Nichols and JudyQ Block

  • They will put together a raffle basket for the Rood Bridge gathering on Weds. and will have logowear available for purchase.  The September get-together brought in $259.   Wear a fall-themed facemask and you will receive a free raffle ticket.
  • JudyQ had been in the hospital with Covid, but is now recovering at home.

Education:  Susan Greathouse

  • She and Sherry Smith will be looking for mentors for their work with Adelante Chicas.  See the next newsletter for details.  

History:  Jean Laswell spoke about charity work which is an integral part of the Guild.

  • This work began with the Vernonia flood in 2007.  Although membership numbered in the low thirties, the guild provided over 140 quilts for victims of the flood.   
  • Each year we give the bulk of our quilts to three charities. This year our proposed charities are Kaiser Hospice, CARES Northwest, and Camp Erin.. 
  • In 2010, we created large blocks and a complete quilt for HART Theatre’s production of the play Quilters.
  • In 2018, Joyce Gieszler spearheaded a project to donate a quilt to every foster child who was aging out of the Washington County program, for a total of thirty-four quilts, many of which were made by our members.
  • As our fabric stash increased, we found space at Tanasbourne RV and Mini Storage, which gave us a nice discount.  (Check with Cheryl Kraft for access if you need fabric for a charity project.)
  • We made and donated fleece quillows to Camp Eagle, the Hillsboro summer day camp for homeless children.
  • Climate Change Quilt:  We are working with Lewis and Clark College and Bag and Baggage.  We will be making blocks that depict some aspect of climate change.  They will be 8-1/2” square, and require no sewing, just cutting and gluing.  Block making supplies will be available at the Weds. Rood Bridge gathering.  Blocks can also be mailed.

Block of the Month:  Deborah Bolton

October’s block was monkey wrench.  Four blocks were entered; the winner is Becky Leitl.  Next month’s block will be a maple leaf and will be posted on the website and eblasted.

Show and Tell:  Jane Hogue submitted slides of quilts by: Heidi Nesheim, Marianne Greenley, Shirlene Harrington, Eiko, Patty Dobbs (orphan blocks and fabric from storage) and Alicia Johnson.

Next Meeting:  November 15, 6:30pm, via Zoom.

WQG General Meeting Sept 2021
Meeting Minutes

September 20, 2021
via ZOOM

The meeting was called to order by President Marianne Greenley at 6:30pm.  She invited everyone to an informal gathering on Weds., Sept. 22, at 10:30am at Rood Bridge Park.  Snacks will be provided; there will also be a door prize and raffle.

It was announced that Steve Rice of Sharon’s Attic has passed away.  There will be a service at 11:00am on Saturday, Sept. 25, at Clean Water Services, 2550 SW Hillsboro Hwy.  No flowers please; donations can be made to the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration.

Joyce Greenfield noted that, since emails sent to the website addresses sometimes go to a person’s spam folder, if you didn’t get an expected response to your email, you should double-check with that person.  

Featured Speaker:

Sue Hauser introduced Kim Jamieson-Hirst of Chatterbox Quilts in Alberta, Canada, via Zoom.  She presented a slide presentation on How to Conquer Your Fear of Free Motion Quilting.  She spoke about how to choose the appropriate quilt, choosing a motif, and tools.  She suggested starting with a small project and not stippling or meandering until your skills are more developed.  She uses straight quilting lines on a curvy pattern and curvy lines on a geometric design.  Kim’s website is  Her videos can also be found on YouTube.  

Minutes of August meeting:

Marianne noted that the minutes are on the website and will stand approved unless there are comments or changes.

Programs:  Robbie Berg stated that program details can be found on the website and in the newsletter. 

  • There are two classes this coming weekend at the North Plains Senior Center.  
  • JudyQ will be teaching a tree skirt/table topper class on Oct. 30 and Dec. 4.
  • A featherweight class will be held on Nov. 6. 
  • Registration for the Cannon Beach retreat is closed.
  • The October speaker will be Krista Moser, November will be Karen Brown.


Chase Lawrence reported that the Guild has one new member, Cherryl Kuddami; two guests registered for this meeting.  She asked that members check the information in the 2022 directory for correctness.

Ways and Means:

  • Sue Nichols modeled a Guild tee shirt that is for sale on the website.  Quilt Barn Trail tees and tote bags are also available.  Contact Sue or JudyQ.
  • JudyQ Block needs a volunteer to head up sales for the raffle quilt.  Also she asked if there is interest from members in purchasing a holiday wreath from Farmington Gardens as a fundraiser.  The Guild would receive 50% of sales.

Education:  Sherry Smith

  • The Guild has received a grant from the Siegal Foundation for community education.
  • Sue Greathouse is working with Adelante Chicas to form classes.  She is looking for volunteers to mentor and prepare kits.

History, Part 5:  Jean Laswell spoke about funding for the Guild.

  • Our annual dues comprise a large part of our annual budget and are tax deductible.  Other revenue comes from the monthly mini raffle, sales of Guild merchandise, the annual Brown Bag Sale, the North Plains Garlic festival beer garden monitoring, and ticket sales from the biennial raffle quilt.
  • Amazon and Fred Meyer, through Community Rewards, will donate a portion of your purchases to the Guild.   A how-to is available in our newsletter.
  • The Guild has received grants from Hillsboro Arts and Culture, the Cultural Coalition of Washington County, the Siegel Foundation, and Washington County Visitors Association.
  • For details on how to receive a tax credit for your donation to Oregon Cultural Trust members, see  

Block of the Month:  Deborah Bolton is not available.  Next month’s block will be posted on the website and eblasted.

Facebook:  Alicia Johnson is working on the Guild Facebook group page; it will be maintained as private.

Show and Tell:  Jane Hogue submitted slides of two lovely quilts.  Patti Wightman presented a Square in a Square, and Toni Beattie a Karla Alexander pattern.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:38pm.

Next Meeting:  October 18, via Zoom.

WQG General Meeting Aug 2021
Meeting Minutes

August 16, 2021
via ZOOM

The meeting was called to order by President Marianne Greenley at 6:30 pm.

Joyce Greenfield set up a poll to choose the theme for next year’s quilt show.

Featured Speaker:

Sue Hauser introduced Meg Cox who is a journalist and quilter She is on the advisory board for the International Quilt Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska.   The Museum was established in 1997 with an initial donation of 950 quilts by Ardis and Robert James.  The Museum now has the biggest quilt collection in the world.  Meg presented a virtual tour and reviewed the exhibits and collections.  A handout will be sent out after the meeting with links to her newsletter, a video of Ken Burns talking about his quilts, and more.

Minutes of July meeting:

Marianne noted that the minutes are on the website and will stand approved unless there are comments or changes.

Bylaws, Policies, and Standing Rules:  Marianne thanked Julie Mason, Sue Hauser, Karen Collier, Sue Nichols, and Mary Lafler for reviewing and making clarifications to these documents, which can be found on the website.

Raffle Quilt:  Marianne thanked Robbie Berg for donating it, AnnMarie Cowley for long-arming it, and Sue Nichols for binding.

Publicity:  Jean Laswell is looking for someone to take over this job and is willing to train.

Programs:  Robbie Berg noted that program details are on the website and in the newsletter.

  • Sewing Saturdays are on the second Saturday of the month (August is rescheduled to the 21st), from 9-6, at the North Plains Senior Center.  Masks are required.
  • The next sewing weekend is in person September 10-12 at the North Plains Senior Center, masks required.  Fri. 3-8pm, Sat. 9-8pm, Sun. 9-3pm.
  • Robbie thanked Joyce Greenfield for her help with technical issues.

Upcoming Workshops:  The process for registering is to fill out a registration form on-line which is sent to Registrar Carol Sayles.  Carol will confirm attendance with you.   The on-line payment portal works well and is very efficient.

  • Sept. 18:  Joyce Giezler will present a mystery class at the North Plains Senior Center.  9‑4, $25.
  • Sept. 25:  Featherweight Maintenance with Robbie Berg, limited to 15.  9-4 at North Plains Senior Center, $45.
  • Sept. 25:  Snack Bags with Linda O’Brien, limited to five, 10-4:30pm in basement of Senior Center, $30.
  • Oct. 30 and Dec. 4:  Tree skirt with Judy Block.
  • Oct. 15-17 retreat at Cannon Beach.   There is one triple room left.
  • Quilt Show theme.  The winning theme was “A Quilted Paradise” submitted by Patty Dobbs.   Patty will receive a free 2022 membership.

Membership:  Chase Lawrence reported that there are currently 136 members who have renewed their membership. Renewals must be received by Sept. 1 to be included in the printed directory.   One guest was present at this meeting.

Website:  JudyQ Block noted that meeting minutes and workshops are on the website.

Garlic Festival.  Marianne thanked Sue Nichols and JudyQ Block for managing the Garlic Festival and filling the open shifts.  Pam Edens brought neck coolers.

Block of the Month:  Deborah Bolton reported that 17 blocks were received and picked the winner, Becky Lietl.  Next month’s block will be Broken Sugar Bowl in red and white.  Instructions will be emailed.

Show and Tell:  Susan Greathouse presented for Jane Hogue.  Quilts were shown by Susan Greathouse, Robbie Berg, Marianne Greenley, Deborah Bolton, Paulina Kriebel, and Bev Halperin.  Several of the slides were prepared using techniques learned in the recent How to Shoot Your Quilt workshop.

Future Meetings:   Marianne spoke with a New Life Church representative and was assured that they do want us back; they are just trying to juggle various demands and restrictions.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35pm.

Next Meeting:  September 20, via Zoom.

WQG General Meeting July 2021
Meeting Minutes
July 19, 2021

via ZOOM

The meeting was called to order by President Marianne Greenley at 6:30pm.

Joyce Greenfield reviewed Zoom procedures and suggested restarting the app if you have problems.

Featured Speaker:    Sue Hauser introduced Trudy Cleveland who presented a Power Point on photographing your quilts.  Trudy is both a photographer and a quilter.  

Trudy grew up in southern California; her father was a photographer, so this was part of her upbringing.  After 35 years as a dental hygienist, she began photography classes with the idea of documenting the quilts she produced with her longarm business.  

An important aspect of photographing your quilts is the light source.   It should be at a 90-degree angle to your quilt.  Use daylight bulbs, do not use your camera flash.  Stands made for photography and video are less expensive than ones made for quilts.  Trudy recommends using “portrait” mode on your phones.  Shoot your labels also.  Set your phone camera to show a grid to help line up edges of your quilt.  Trudy showed a moving video of quilts of valor photographed in black and white.

Trudy will conduct two workshops beginning next weekend.   To attend, contact Sue Hauser or register on-line.

History Mystery, Part 4

Jean Laswell spoke regarding the Guild’s connection to North Plains.  Julie Mason and Ronnie Anderson were early officers of the Guild, and lived in North Plains.  They established a P. O. Box there.  Ronnie’s husband was a member of the Knights of Pythias which started the North Plains Garlic Festival.  They hired the Guild to provide alcohol monitors for the event.  This event brings in about $1000 each year.

Featured Business

Laurie Hopper of Transformation Quilt Studio is a longarmer located in Aloha.  She does mostly edge-to-edge quilting and has a small retail area.  (Website is 

Minutes of June meeting:

Marianne noted that the minutes are on the website and will stand approved unless there are comments or changes.

Programs, Classes, Workshops:  Robbie Berg

Shoot Your Quilt with Trudy Cleveland

July 23 and 30, 9:00am-noon and July 24 and 31, 9:00am-noon.

Register on the website and submit form to Carol Sayles.   She will email you a link for payment.

Digital Drawing and Quilt Design with Jamie Davis, Sept. 9, 10:00am-5:00pm, at Ace Sew and Vac in Tigard.   This is not a Guild event, contact Sue Hauser if you are interested.

Sewing Saturday: Monthly on second Saturday (except October which is on the 21st), 9:00am-6:00pm at North Plains Senior Center.  No pre-registration required.

Sewing Weekend:  Quarterly at North Plains Senior Center.  The next date is Sept. 10-12.  No pre-registration required.

No Machines Required:  Basement of the North Plains Senior Center, fourth Weds. of the month, 3:00-5:00pm.   Toni Beattie will facilitate.

Retreat at Cannon Beach, October 15-17, only 20 seats are available, so register now on-line.

Other classes coming in the fall include Featherweight maintenance, making a pineapple quilt, a Judy Neimeyer class, making a zipper bag, and possibly a mystery quilt with Joyce Geiszler.

Starting in September, Toni Beattie will facilitate an Electric Quilt session on Sewing Saturdays at 11:00am.

The August speaker will be Jaimie Davis, speaking on landscape quilt design.  The November speaker will be Karen Brown, Zooming from Canada.


Chase Lawrence reported that the Guild now has 103 members, six of them new, and two guests for this meeting.  The new members are Iman Bilal, Bobbi Stewart, Diane Todd, Diana Pettibone, Mary Jo Ackerman, and Teresa Brown.  The directory is on-line; hard copies will be available when we begin to meet in person again.  The option to have one mailed to you is also available.  In order to continue to receive email blasts, you will need to renew your membership by Sept. 1. 

JudyQ Block described how to register on the new website.   If anyone has problems, please contact her.

Oct. 1 & 2, 2022 Quilt Show:  Robbie reported that the venue (Hidden Creek Community Center in Hillsboro) will be secured soon.  A pineapple quilt has been donated for the raffle quilt.  If you have suggestions for a theme, let Robbie know.

Block of the Month:  Deborah Bolton received eight blocks from five participants; Lois Marie Mayer won the drawing.  Next month’s block will be Sunlight and Shadows; pattern will be emailed.

Ways and Means:  JudyQ Block and Sue Nichols

The North Plains Elephant Garlic Festival will be held on August 13-15.  Alcohol monitors are needed; call Sue (503-649-6412) or Judy (503-780-9339) to sign up.  The event brings in about $1200.

Show and Tell:  Jane Hogue

Jane showed slides of the lovely quilts submitted for Show and Tell from Heidi Neisham, Marilyn Hickman, Marianne Greenley, Toni Beattie, Donna Fairchild, Jane Hogue and Julie Mason.


Marianne has been in touch with New Life Church to see when they will allow outside groups to again use the facility.   There is no decision yet.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.

WQG General Meeting June 2021
Meeting Minutes
June 21, 2021

The meeting was called to order by President Judy Block at 6:30 pm

President Message

Judy stated that she hopes to be back to having in person meetings soon. Judy announced “No Machines Required” is starting again. 

Zoom Host/Facilitator

Joyce Greenfield reminded members to stay on mute unless they are speaking and re-mute when finished. 


Sue introduced guest speaker, Cheryl Malkowski, “Follow Your Own Path”. Cheryl was the featured speaker at the WGQ’s first quilt show in 2009. She started quilting in 1993 because there was a free class. While in Sisters she was asked if she could create a quilt pattern, she did and had it published. Cheryl shared her quilts and techniques including her first book Easy Chenille. She explained the process it takes to get a book published. There were cards made by Cheryl, which she shared her technique. Cheryl has an e-book, Block to Diamonds, which is available on Amazon but if anyone is interested, they should contact her directly, Cheryl taught how to use freezer paper for paper piecing and described her machine quilting. In 2014 Timeless Treasures asked her to create a Block of the Month, and each one in different colorways. If you want to learn more of her Doodles free motion quilting follow her Facebook page, Cheryl Malkowski quilting. She has now started to develop her on fabric line, with the goal to have three collections for fall with Timeless Treasures. She closed out her presentation with, “Sew what makes you happy. It doesn’t have to be a vocation or something you are good at, if you try something different and follow your path, you are going to be happy.”

History Mystery

Part 3- Exhibit

As submitted by Jean.

In 2010 our guild presented an exhibit at Valley Art Association, Forest Grove, entitled Winter Wonderland.  Several members participated including: Clara Mashek, AnnMarie Cowley, Stephanie Sluyter, Bella DeVir, Betty Sheperd, Shawn Priggle and me. We were the featured artists for a month. 

 HART Theatre asked us to help with their production of the play Quilters. We provided a display of quilts for the lobby during the show’s run. Our members made the required seventeen 18 x 18 blocks to use by the actors onstage shown as each character spoke. In addition, we created one large finale quilt, which we raffled off as a guild fundraiser at the end of the play’s run. Special thanks to Cathy Smith and Shawn Priggle for help with choosing fabrics, and to Shawn for Quilting and binding.

Next, we created a joint exhibit with Washington County Museum, Connections: Quilting 1930s and Today, comparing the two eras through quilting. The museum acquired an exhibit of Dorothea Lange’s 1930s photos and asked us to help them create a complimentary exhibit to accompany the photos. We received a grant from Hillsboro Arts and Culture Council to implement this, our first large grant.

 Members loaned items, both new and old, to pair with items from the museum’s collection. There was a special section devoted to the Featherweight and its introduction at the 1934 Chicago World’s Fair.

After much hard work on the part of our members, the exhibit was very well received and held over an additional month. In conjunction with the exhibit, we sponsored a quilt lecture, held a quilt turning, provided weekly quilting demos, and hosted a documentation day by the Oregon Quilt Project. We continue to provide education activities for the museum’s Family Day program on request.

2010 and 2011 Presented a quilt showcase and provided education projects at Hillsboro Saturday Market and at Showtime for Shute

2011 Provided quilting demos at the Washington County Fair

We provided quilts, signage, and demos for an exhibit at Beaverton Historical Society’s new museum. We were able to reuse some of the signage from our previous exhibit, along with loaning several items from our guild members.

Jean had three announcements: The NW quilters expo and entry form will be on their website, the theme is “COVID”. Latimer Textile Museum in Tillamook has an exhibit, which is opened Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Guild members will get in free if there are four members in the group, Bed Turning, can be requested. Reservations are required. Quiltopia is in November, their entry forms will be online July 1st. They will have a challenge packet available foro $25, with a theme of landmarks or monuments. 

Sunshine & Shadows

If you have a Sunshine or Shadow make a note in chat or raise your hand. Alicia Johnson shared that she finished her teaching year and will be taking a leave of absence for the next year. 


Judy shared the member’s birthdays for June and July.

President Message Voting

There will be a yes/no poll to vote for the 2021/22 slate of officers;

Marianne Greenley (President), Cheryl Kraft (VP Charity), Sherry Smith (VP Education), Karen Newton (Secretary), Joan Courtney (Treasurer), Sue Nichols & JudyQ Block (Co-Chairs Ways & Means), and Robbie Berg (Programs) and 2nd term Chase Lawrence (Membership)
Joyce posted the poll, the slate of officers was accepted with 100% approval by members. 

Featured Business Member of the Month

Jeanne Scott with Jan’s quilts shared her quilting room. She is a longarm quilter, able to do quilts up to 120 inches. Her quilt room was built two years ago to include a kitchen. She tends to quilt with programs but can do some custom quilting and will have patterns digitized. 

Vice President Education

Deborah Bolton shared the June’s Block of the Month “Road to California” had 13 blocks. She picked the winner: Marilyn Hickman. July’s BOM will be “Martha Washington Star”, the star is to be in blue and sashing in red. An email blast will have the directions.

Vice President Charity

Marilyn Alexander shared that Kaiser Hospice has asked for twin or lap quilts. The charity committee has a supply of quilts in storage and will check how many will be available to donate. If you have questions regarding charity quilts contact Carolyn Drosd or Marcia Elliott.  


Connie Gaebel has received requests to have the return of “No Machines Required”. They will start up on Wednesday June 23rd at the North Plains Senior Center from 3 pm to 5 pm. Future meetings will be the 4th Wednesday of the month. If you have questions call, Toni Beattie. There will be sign ups soon for the Canon Beach retreat. There will be a test retreat on Wednesday. Robbie Berg needed 25 participants and had 25 sign up. Sewing Saturdays have changed to the second Saturday, with the exception of August which will be the third Saturday. Sue Hauser is working on a workshop, more information to follow. The workshops are $40 and will be two separate sessions. Be sure to watch for the email blast to register. 


Chase Lawrence welcomed a new member, Diane Schnieder and two guests. There are 192 registered members with 78 participating tonight. It is almost renewal time (July 1st), you will be able to register and pay through the website or print the form to mail in. If you want a hard copy of the directory mailed to you, add the $3 fee to your registration. The “Member Only” section will be password protected, watch for an email blast with directions to receive your password and set up procedures. To be included in the directory please register by August. Chase shared a Sunshine, two of her daughters graduated from college.

Minutes Approval

If there are no dissentions or changes to the May minutes, they will stand approved. For corrections contact Heidi Nesheim.

Quilt Show

Heidi stated she has stepped down as Quilt Show Chair however is setting up the location. The new Hidden Creek Community Center in Hillsboro will be the 2022 Quilt Show location. There is a beautiful, well-lit main room with access to the kitchen, classrooms, foyer and patio. The center is excited to have the show.  

Show and Tell

Jane Hogue hosted show and tell. Four members shared 10 projects. Jane asks that you submit your photos by July 17th.


The July meeting will be led by new President, Marianne Greenley. Judy Block is in contact with New Life Baptist Church regarding the return to meetings. The website is now live and can be reached at, The website is constantly evolving watch for additions. When registration opens for retreats or workshops an email blast will be sent to give all the opportunity to register. Anyone who is interested helping with the website, contact Judy Block.

Judy finished with a heartfelt thank you for trusting her to be the President. Judy thanked all the volunteers, board members and committee chairs whom worked hard to get through this trying year. “It has been by ultimate pleasure to serve as your President.”

“When the sun is shining I can do anything; no mountain is too high, no trouble too difficult to oversome.” – Wilma Rudolph

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm  

Respectfully submitted,

Heidi Nesheim, Secretary

WQG General Meeting May 2021
Meeting Minutes
May 17, 2021

The meeting was called to order by President Judy Block at 6:30 pm.

Zoom Host/Facilitator

Joyce Greenfield reminded members to mute themselves after they speak. 


Sue Hauser introduced the nights speaker, Lori Dickman and her program, “The 3 D’s: Dresdens, Diamonds and Drunkard’s Path”. Lori is from Rockford, IL. Lori shared techniques for creating these blocks and the templates available to make them easier. She explained by using templates you are able to get very accurate piecing. “Don’t be afraid to use your ugly fabrics in your stash buster quilts, they will surprise you.” Lori showed how to make Drunkard’s Path blocks without pins, however if they blocks are five inches or smaller, you will need to pin. Lori finished with a demonstration how to make a flange binding for quilts that will be used and washed often. Lori has many resources on her website:

Free Mystery Quilts:

Free e-book: https//

Flange binding how-to:

No pin Drunkard’s Path tutorial:

Lori also offered coupons on her site for products, these coupons have no expiration date.

There were two questions from members.

“Does she snip the seams in the Drunkard’s Path?” Answer: No, because using a scant quarter inch seam makes it unnecessary.

“Is the Twinkling Stars pattern yours.” Answer: Yes

History Mystery

Jean Lasswell presented Part 2 of the Guild’s history.

(Text sent from Jean)

The Early Years

Our first public event was helping Cornell Estates with their quilt show in 2007. Steve Rice, Roni Andrews, Julie Mason, and Paula DiNovo assisted, along with help from other guild members. Proceeds were donated to the Alzheimer’s Association. Charity continued meeting to make quilts, and our membership increased to 60 by the end of the year. 

We continued to work on our 501 (c)) (3) application, and finally submitted it on April 2, 2008. See the signing here. We received our approval April 18, 2008. On April 26, we had our quilt show.

 In 2008, the show was turned over to our guild completely, with Cornell Estates providing advertising and the venue. Julie Mason donated a quilt for our raffle, shown here, that she designed on EQ. The next photos are from the 2008 show.

In March 2009, we participated in the rainy Hillsboro St Pats Day Parade to promote our guild.

As we grew, we began looking for a larger location. One of our members, Margret Boris, offered her church, so we began meeting in September at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church. Tell story of Sandi Carner and the mini raffle bowl.

In April 2009, Education Chair Marcia Gilliland presented a program and slide show on the history of quilting that she researched and wrote. This program has been given many times to various church and civic groups, as well as used as a teaching tool for Vernonia High students. Marcia and her committee developed a multi-week unit on quilting for the Vernonia students as part of a Folk Studies program. Which was repeated for several years.

Next month what happened in 2010, lots did!

TARTS is the art quilt group. They meet the second Monday, 11:00 am at Aloha Sew and Vac. Contact Jean for more info. 

Sunshine & Shadows

Susan Greathouse has first grandchild.  Denise Lancaster’s new grandson was born about a month ago. 

Jean Lasswell shared that member Paulina Kriebel has a show at Valley Art in Forest Grove, “it is lovely”. 


Judy shared the birthdays for May and June

President Message

Judy had the slate of Board Officers speak up and say hi. The election will be held in June with installation at the July Board meeting. Marianne Greenley (President), Cheryl Kraft (VP Charity), Sherry Smith (VP education), Karen Newton (Secretary), Joan Courtney (Treasurer), Sue Nichols and JudyQBlock

(Ways and Means), and Robbie Berg (Programs).

May’s Featured Business Member is JudyQ Block. Judy has recently become a certified instructor for Quiltworx. Judy shared some of her quilts and the local classes she is teaching. Her website is Judy is active on Facebook and encouraged members join in quilt discussions. 

Judy recognized all those who are making the newsletter exciting and informative. Tech Tips – Joyce Greenfield, Education Corner – Susan Greathouse, Featherweight Fanfare – Robbie Berg, Quilty Tips & Tricks –Julie Mason, Members Survey – Sharon Kennedy, History Mystery – Jean Lasswell, WQG

Fabric Sale – Nancy Stober, and Block of the Month – Deborah Bolton.

Vice President Education

Deborah received eight BOM’s of Fancy Flowers. Denise Hilde is the winner. May’s block is, “Road to California”.  Deborah shared an example, the colors will be Gold and Cream for “California Golden State.” 

Vice President Charity

Marilyn Alexander reported that Nancy Stober has sold more fabric and there will be photos in the newsletter of even more fabric for sale. It is the hope that an outdoor sale will happen in the near future. 


October 15-17 will be the Beach Retreat, watch the Newsletter for future details. Sue Hauser is working on some small workshops both in person and Zoom. Sewing Weekend is June 11-13, contact Heidi Nesheim if you are interested in attending. (This is a week earlier due to facility conflicts) Connie shared that adding the Zoom aspect to Sewing Saturdays and Weekends is a lot of work for Heidi and asked if anyone would like to help out, please contact Heidi. Connie has been asked by members if there will be a Guild Quilt Challenge and Mystery Quilt, she is working on these. Sue Hauser is working on some small workshops and Zoom.


There were 93 participants tonight. Chase announced two new members; Melinda Fish and Chris Torgeson. Chase also shared the new website will have areas that will be password protected for the use by registered members only. Chase asks if you want to update your directory photo or do not have a photo, please email your photo to her.

Show and Tell

Jayne Hogue provided a nice Show and Tell with four members submitting and sharing nine projects. Jayne reminds members to send photos to her by June 20th

Upcoming Events

June 21st General Meeting will be via Zoom

JudyQ reported to have the new website launched within the next 30 days. 

Minutes Approval

The April minutes stand approved as written. Any questions/corrections please submit to Heidi Nesheim.

“Let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we can see” – Unknown

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Heidi Nesheim, Secretary