Challenge Quilt

WQG Paint Chip Challenge Update
2022 Quilt Challenge

Our March 2022 general meeting featured the Quilt Challenge reveal.  This year the challenge was to choose two colors from two paint chips and combine with a neutral to create a 12” x 12” quilt. 

Click here to see the slide show of the entries. Totally amazing!

After the meeting a Google Poll was sent to all guild members.    The voting categories and winners were:

  1. Best use of theme – Prize $45 to Sharon’s Attic – a tie! Judy Q Block (Block#6) and Marta Lansing (#19)
  2. Viewer’s choice – Prize $40 to Aloha Sew & Vac – Ruth Voelker (#25)

Two additional “random draw” winners were chosen – prize $20 to Craft Warehouse

Patty Dobbs and Shirlene Harrington


WQG 2022 Paint Chip Challenge

Choose two numbers between 1-40.  Each envelope will contain a paint chip from a local hardware store.  Your challenge is to use no less than two colors from each paint chip in addition to one neutral.


  1. Contact Carrie Townsend to choose your envelopes and your paint chips. (phone, text, email, stop by my house, etc.)
  2. In addition to sending a photo of the paint chips to you, Carrie will mail also them.
  1. Use a minimum of 2 colors from each paint chip in the chosen shades. You can use solids or prints as long as they represent the color from the paint chip.
  2. You can add only 1 neutral color to your project (background fabric counts as 1 neutral).
  3. The project has to be 12” square, bound, and labeled by March 21st meeting deadline
  4. Use any block pattern, applique pattern, original creation, etc. that you’d like as long as the colors are represented, and the project is quilted.
  5. No trading of paint chips between members, this is a challenge to get you out of your comfort zone.
  6. Save your paint chips for the big reveal at the general meeting on March 21st, 2022.  Paint chips must be displayed along with the finished project.

I’ll want to make sure that people use my personal email: See your Directory or visit your Online Directory here on the website. Thanks,