Board Meeting Minutes

WQG Board Meeting December 2021
Meeting Minutes
December 6, 2021

via Zoom

Present:  JudyQ Block, Joyce Greenfield, Marianne Greenley, Sue Hauser, Sharon Kennedy, Cheryl Kraft, Chase Lawrence, Karen Newton, Sue Nichols, Carol Sayles, Sherry Smith

Guests:  Mary Lafler

President Marianne Greenley opened the meeting at 2:00 pm.  


Cheryl Kraft is working to establish the actual number of quilts in storage available to give out.  She is still waiting for the Springs to let her know when their facility will be available for charity quilting.  Also in the works is a one-day Charity sewing event with a designer in early spring. 

November Minutes

Sherry Smith moved that the minutes of the November Board of Directors meeting be accepted as written, JudyQ Block seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.

Sunshine and Shadows

Marianne announced that Diane Attia has passed away.  JudyQ suggested establishing a scholarship fund to honor those who have passed on.  A set amount would be contributed in their memory.  Another suggestion was to make a donation in their name to a library or the Hillsboro Arts Council.  Carol Sayles suggested writing a policy to address this issue; Sue Hauser and Mary Lafler volunteered to help.  It was agreed that, if someone wants to share an event in their life, they should email Marianne or Joyce to let them know.

December General Meeting

Marianne and Joyce Greenfield have discussed the format for the Dec. 20 general meeting.

Members will split into breakout groups and Board members will be sprinkled among them.   They will pose a question for discussion in their group and encourage the less vocal to participate.  Members will showcase their winter and holiday projects in the Show and Tell portion.  Details for the Dec. meeting will be announced in the newsletter and email.

Compassion Project

Marianne announced that Karen Collier’s mother has passed away.  Connie Gaebel is going to take care of getting a comfort quilt to her.

Oregon Gardens Retreat

Mary Lafler has 39 participants registered; one space remains.  Final payment is due on Jan. 5.   She will be contacting those who said they would be available to help with setup.


Quilt Along

Marianne and Joyce are proposing a quilt-along.   Instructions would be sent out each month for two blocks.  This would continue for about six months.  Perhaps fabric could be used from storage.   More details to come.


Chase Lawrence reported that we have 182 members.  She posed the question of how to handle address changes since the directory has been published; the on-line directory can be updated.  Any changes will be put in the newsletter so members can update their printed directory.  It was agreed that new members should be announced in newsletter.

Treasurer’s Report

Carol Sayles sent out a report prior to the meeting.  Income included a $768 grant from the Hillsboro Arts Council; expenses were minimal.


Sherry Smith reported that Susan Greathouse is working with two young women from Chicas Adelante who are busy sewing with the machines loaned to them.


Sue Hauser reported that Karen Stone will be the speaker for the January general meeting.

After the holidays she will schedule dates for JudyQ’s class, snack bags, Featherweight maintenance, and Japanese rice bags.  The UFO challenge should take from eight to ten months.

Ways and Means

Per JudyQ, the last Rood Bridge meetup brought in $60 in sales of merchandise and raffle tickets.


Sharon Kennedy reminded everyone that Friday is the deadline for info to be included in the newsletter.

Quilt Show

Joyce is working to finalize a contract with the featured quilter.

Next Board meeting:  January 3, 10:00am, via Zoom

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Newton, Secretary

WQG Board Meeting November 2021
Meeting Minutes
November 1, 2021

North Plains Senior Center

Present:  JudyQ Block, Joyce Greenfield, Marianne Greenley, Sharon Kennedy, Cheryl Kraft, Chase Lawrence, Karen Newton, Sue Nichols, Carol Sayles

Guests:  Mary Lafler, Connie Gaebel

President Marianne Greenley opened the meeting at 2:15 pm.  Marianne announced that Robbie Berg resigned as Chair of Programs.   Sue Hauser is willing to fill this position.  Sue will manage workshops and programs; Marianne will oversee retreats and Sewing Saturdays.

  • Karen Newton moved that the Guild accept Robbie’s resignation and elect Sue Hauser to fill the position.  Sue Nichols seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.

North Plains Storage and Compassion Quilts:

Connie Gaebel reported that we currently share some storage space with the Friends of the Library which they have provided for us at no cost.  However, they have dropped their liability insurance and we now need to move our things out.

She also has been overseeing the Compassion Quilt Project and needs someone to take that on.  These quilts are given out to members who have experienced a loss in their immediate family; three have been given out in the past year.  There should be four or five quilts at the ready, usually throw-size.   Marianne thanked her for her past work with this and will ask at the next general meeting for someone to take on this job.  

In Person Meetups at Rood Bridge Park:

There were less people at the last meetup, but the new member did attend.  The next meetup will be on the Thursday after the general meeting, November 18, at 1:00.  Marianne also is interested in doing a group Zoom meetup.

December General Meeting:

The December meeting will be via Zoom and may include show and tell, sharing projects, or breaking into small groups.  Marianne and Joyce Greenfield will work out the details; Sharon Kennedy will post in the next newsletter.

Oregon Garden Retreat, February 25-27:

Mary Lafler reported that the price for rooms in $350 for single, and $240 for shared, the same as last year.  Attendance is limited to 40.  Attendees will be encouraged to be vaccinated and wear masks.  Carol Sayles recommended that refunds not be made by credit card due to the fees charged.  The Guild has spent $700 in credit card fees since July.  The need to have attendees wrap up early enough to allow for cleanup was discussed.


Chase Lawrence reported that we now have 182 members.

Public Health Guidelines:

The group discussed mask wearing and vaccination requirements.  It was agreed to follow the guidelines put out by Public Health regarding in-person gatherings.  Marianne will distribute these guidelines at the next Sewing Saturday and have them posted on the door.

Treasurer’s Report:  Carol Sayles

Carol sent out a report via email prior to the meeting.  The Guild received $1300 from the Garlic Festival.  We will spend over $4,000 next year for storage units.  Regarding QuikBooks, she suggested we change to an on-line version rather than the desktop as it will be less expensive.

  • Cheryl Kraft moved that the Guild change to an on-line version of QuikBooks as suggested by Carol, Sue Nichols seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.


Marianne relayed that Sherry Smith is working to get Chicas Adelante up and running.  18 blocks have been made for the climate change quilt.

Charity:  Cheryl Kraft

Cheryl is in contact with The Springs to see when we might return there for charity sewing.

Programs:  Sue Hauser

Sue reported that the November general meeting speaker will be Karen Brown.  January will be Karen K. Stone.  Sue has no in-person workshops scheduled for the rest of the year; she will reexamine this after the holidays.

Ways and Means:  Sue Nichols and JudyQ Block

The last meetup at Rood Bridge brought in over $50.00.  A friend of Sue and Nancy Stober donated some great items.  Judy is still recovering from Covid at home.

Newsletter: Sharon Kennedy

The deadline for newsletter submissions is Friday.

Technology and Quilt Show:  Joyce Greenfield

  • Per Mailchimp, about 50% of Joyce’s Weds. emails have been opened. 
  • Joyce and Heidi Nesheim will visit the quilt show venue (Hidden Creek Community Center) to check out the space.  It was agreed that Ways & Means should be responsible for selling tickets for the raffle quilt.   Jean Laswell has printed the tickets in the past.

Marianne will be out of the country during the month of May.

Next Board meeting:  Dec. 6, 2:00pm, North Plains Senior Center

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Newton, Secretary

WQG Board Meeting October 2021
Meeting Minutes
October 1, 2021

Sue Nichol’s residence

Present:  Robbie Berg, JudyQ Block (Zoom), Joyce Greenfield, Marianne Greenley, Sharon Kennedy, Cheryl Kraft, Chase Lawrence (Zoom), Karen Newton, Sue Nichols, Carol Sayles, Sherry Smith

President Marianne Greenley opened the meeting at 11:08 am.

Meeting Minutes:   Marianne noted that the minutes from the September 1 Board meeting were posted on the website, and, if there are no corrections, they would stand approved.  

There were no corrections.

President’s Report:

  • Per Marianne, Joan Courtney has resigned as Treasurer.  Carol Sayles volunteered to replace her as interim Treasurer.  The Board unanimously approved this arrangement.
  • The Facebook group is up and running.
  • The Sept. 22 gathering at Rood Bridge Park was a success.  Approx. 20 people attended.  Jana Patterson was the raffle winner.  The next one will be on Weds., Oct. 20, 10:00am, same place.  A suggestion was to have attendees wear a Halloween or autumn-themed mask which would entitle them to a free raffle ticket.  
  • Marianne and Carol have decided to move Guild banking back to Columbia Bank.  US Bank was difficult to work with and its fees are high.
  • Marianne will be accepting $758 from the Hillsboro Arts and Culture Endowment this week to go to the general fund.

Membership:  Chase Lawrence

The directory has been printed and is being mailed out.  Currently there are 179 members.  Directories will be taken to Sewing Saturday and Cheryl Kraft will take some to the Weds. gathering at Rood Bridge Park.  Marilyn Hickman volunteered to be an ambassador and will reach out to the latest new member.

Education:  Sherry Smith

Lewis and Clark College is sponsoring a quilt about climate change.  Jean Laswell is heading the effort to collect 100 simple blocks created by the community and will work with Bag and Baggage to promote.  Materials will be made available at different community events:  Some will be available at the Oct. 20 meetup, tomorrow’s Art Walk and No Machines Required.  Jean is working on the next Saturday Market.  Lewis and Clark will display the pieced quilt on Nov. 13.   Joyce Greenfield is working on an email blast.

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Treasurer:  Carol Sayles 

Carol distributed a Treasurer’s Report.  The Sept. balance is $36,707.90, but many expenses are imminent.  Carol is working to find an inexpensive version of QuickBooks.  The fees associated with electronic banking were discussed.

Programs:  Robbie Berg

  • Robbie noted that we do not make money on workshops and retreats.  The policy for cancellations and refunds is crafted to avoid refunds as they may negatively affect the bottom line.
  • JudyQ’s tree skirt class has moved to Dec. 4 with the 2nd class date to be determined.
  • The Featherweight maintenance class will be repeated; also the Snack Bag pouch class.
  • The pineapple block class will be on Jan. 22.
  • Programs:  Dec. will be a holiday festivity, Loopy Tulips will present in Feb., and March will be challenge quilts.
  • $2000 is budgeted this year for the 2022 quilt show.  Jean Laswell is working on a grant to support the show.  JudyQ reported that photography of the raffle quilt will cost $100.

Newsletter:  Sharon Kennedy

  • The deadline for the newsletter is this upcoming Friday.   Let her know if you have any new topics.  
  • It was agreed that the advertising policy should address the issue of sending email blasts that promote events not sponsored by the Guild.  Perhaps it is permissible if the Guild is receiving some sort of in-kind benefit.  Sharon will update the policy.

Technology:  Joyce Greenfield

Joyce has uploaded 179 members to Mailchimp which is more functional than Outlook.  She would like to establish one specific day a week to send blasts.

Ways and Means:  Sue Nichols and JudyQ Block

The raffle at the Rood Bridge meetup brought in $89 and 14 tee shirts were sold for a total of $259.

A donation to the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration is being made in honor of Steve Rice.

The next BOD meeting will be on Monday, Nov. 1, at 2:00pm, in the basement of the North Plains Senior Center.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:08.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Newton


WQG Board Meeting September 2021
Meeting Minutes

September 1, 2021

Sherry Smith’s residence

Present: Robbie Berg, JudyQ Block, Joan Courtney, Joyce Greenfield, Marianne Greenley,

Sharon Kennedy, Cheryl Kraft, Chase Lawrence, Karen Newton, Sue Nichols, Sherry Smith

President Marianne Greenley opened the meeting at 10:15 am.

Meeting Minutes: Robbie Berg moved that the minutes from the August 21 BOD meeting

be approved as written, JudyQ Block seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Social Media: Marianne met with social medial group (Carrie Townsend, Alicia Johnson,

Jean Laswell, and Joyce Greenfield). The team will be creating a Facebook Group page

where all WQG Members will be able to share and post. Joyce will manage Instagram. A

poll will be taken at the next general meeting asking members if they use social media.

Email: Some email may be going to junk mail in Google. It might be good to check our

junk folders and to acknowledge emails sent to the webpage addresses. Joyce will address

this at the next general meeting.

Publicity: Sue Greathouse has volunteered to help Jean Laswell with publicity.

Grants: Jean Laswell and Susan Greathouse are working on a grant through the Hillsboro

Arts Council to support venue rental for the 2022 quilt show. It is due in mid-October.

Member Meet-ups: Marianne suggested having informal get-togethers with the general

membership, perhaps at a park with coffee and snacks. Weds. is a good day; Marianne will

send out an email blast invitation. Giveaways such as a door prize or mini raffle will be

arranged for the Meet Up at the Park.

Charity: Cheryl Kraft has visited the storage facility. An AccuquiltGo! machine is available

in storage. Ways and Means mentioned that we have a sewing machine that is in storage at

the North Plains Senior Center that can be used as a loaner for events such as Sewing

Saturday and Sewing Weekends.

Treasurer: Joan Courtney distributed a Profit and Loss statement and Balance Sheet as of

August. She noted that people are using the on-line credit card payment option.



● Twenty-two people are registered for the Oct. 15-17 Cannon Beach retreat. Triple rooms

are not very popular.

● A $1000 deposit for the Oregon Garden retreat in February has been made. Mary Lafler

will coordinate and would like a list from of those who indicated on their membership

applications that they would volunteer to help with programs.

● Sue and Pam Collier would like to bring back the Girl Scout retreat. Robbie will talk

off-line with them.

Membership: Chase reported that 153 members have renewed, 117 on-line and others by


Ways and Means: Sue Nichols and JudyQ Block said the North Plains Garlic Festival went

well, despite the heat and lack of volunteers, and netted approx. $1200.

Advertising: Sharon Kennedy distributed a list of suggested criteria for advertising in the

name of the Westside Quilters Guild. It was agreed there should be a policy addressing

this issue. Also agreed was that there should be no advertising in email blasts or on Guild

social media accounts. How to get people to read the newsletter and a formal complaint

process were discussed.

JudyQ has taken training on using the Converge system with US Bank on creating payment

forms to be used on our website.

The next BOD meeting will be on Monday, Oct. 4, 1:00pm at Sue Nichol’s residence.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately noon.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Newton

WQG Board Meeting August 2021
Meeting Minutes

August 2, 2021

Westside Quilters Guild
Board of Directors

August 2, 2021, 11:00am

Sue Nichol’s residence

Present:  Robbie Berg, JudyQ Block, Joan Courtney, Joyce Greenfield, Marianne Greenley, Sharon Kennedy, Cheryl Kraft, Chase Lawrence, Karen Newton, Sue Nichols

BOD meeting minutes:   Karen will prepare draft and distribute to entire Board for review.   After making changes, she will then forward to JudyQ for website posting.   JudyQ will send Marianne a link to send to Board members with the next month’s agenda. 

General Meeting notes:  Karen will send them out to the Board for review, make corrections, send to JudyQ for posting on the website.   JudyQ will then send a link to Marianne to forward to members.

Bylaws, Policies, and Standing Rules:  Marianne met with Julie Mason, Sue Hauser, Sue Nichols, Karen Collier and Mary Laffler to prepare revisions which were distributed.  She asked the group to consider approval of these revised documents.

Robbie Berg moved that the Bylaws be approved, JudyQ Block seconded the motion; it was approved unanimously.

Judy Q moved that the Standing Rules be approved, Robbie Berg seconded the motion; it was approved unanimously.

Robbie Berg moved that the Policies be approved; Sue Nichols seconded the motion; it was approved unanimously.

Value of Membership was discussed.   It was agreed that the general membership should be made aware of the benefits they receive, including value of speakers and hours donated.  A volunteer experience could be highlighted in the newsletter.  New members should receive a personal welcome.

It was agreed that the annual report format should be standardized.  

Marianne met with Alicia Johnson on 7/25 regarding stepping up our social media presence, especially in Facebook and Instagram.

Sherry Smith, Education:  The North Plains Library displays will resume when the library is open.  Programs in the schools are on hold until schools are opened fully.

Cheryl Kraft, Charity:  Sue will go with Cheryl to see the storage facility.  Cheryl will check to see when the Springs is available for charity sewing.  She will concentrate on building up a collection of quilts and preparing kits.  A newsletter article will highlight how many quilts have been given away and how many are needed.  

Joan Courtney, Treasurer:  Joan distributed a Profit and Loss Statement and a Balance Sheet for July.  A checking account has been opened at US Bank and credit and debit cards obtained.   Will soon be connected to QuickBooks.  Note:  Chase needs a form to be attached to all payments so she will know what they are for.

Robbie Berg, Programs:  

Cannon Beach retreat, October 15-17:  Robbie distributed a program budget.  Currently 17 are registered; no single rooms are left.  There are eight spots remaining, Robbie will send out an eblast seeking participants.  Sept. 10 is her deadline.  Any money not spent will be distributed equally among participants.  Marianne noted that the cancellation policy needs to be very clear.

2022 Quilt Show:  Robbie has not received any suggestions for a theme; she will submit some to membership for input.

Robbie suggested a check request be prepared.  Joan and Marianne will follow up.

Board Retreat:  Marianne proposed to have a Board retreat, lasting about four hours.   It was agreed to meet on Weds., Sept 1, at Sherry Smith’s home.

Next BOD meeting is 11:00, Tuesday, Sept. 7, at Sue Nichol’s home.

Chase Lawrence, Membership:  Chase reported there are 124 paid memberships currently.   It was agreed to skip the Business of the Month for the next newsletter.   Ways to welcome new members were discussed, including a welcome letter.  She suggested encouraging members to read the newsletter before the general meeting.

JudyQ Block and Sue Nichols, Ways and Means:  The North Plains Elephant Garlic Festival will be held on August 13 and 14, Friday and Sat.  An email blast will be sent out to fill open alcohol monitor spots.

At Board retreat Sharon would like to talk about what is included in newsletter.

Joan checked with Trinity Lutheran Church regarding renting their facility for general meetings in case New Life cannot come to a decision on opening up their facility.  It was suggested she also check with Hillsboro Presbyterian.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Newton

July 6, 2021WQG Board Meeting July 2021
Meeting Minutes
July 6, 2021


Robbie Berg, JudyQ Block, Joan Courtney, Connie Grabel, Susan Greathouse, Joyce Greenfield, Marianne Greenley,Sharon Kennedy, Cheryl Kraft, Chase Lawrence, Karen Newton, Sue Nichols, Sherry Smith

Outgoing President JudyQ Block called the meeting to order at 1:10. Incoming President Marianne Greenley welcomed old and new Board members. A lovely tumbler quilt signed by 73 Guild members was presented to JudyQ Block as thanks for her service as Board President.


Susan Greathouse transferred her storage room key to Sherry Smith.


Marilyn Alexander reported that 108 quilts were distributed this year: to United Way of Salem, Cares Northwest, and Kaiser Hospice. She introduced her replacement, Cheryl Kraft.


Heidi Nesheim met with new Secretary Karen Newton to transfer duties. Heidi was not present due to a death in thefamily.


Penny Eagan distributed a treasurer’s report and welcomed Joan Courtney as her replacement.


JudyQ Block reported for Chase Lawrence that the 2021-2022 membership roster is on-line and that the last day ofSeptember is the deadline for members to renew and be listed in the printed directory. Chase’s daughter has volunteeredto manage our website, taking over from JudyQ.

Ways and Means

Sue Nichols and JudyQ Block would like to get more people involved. The Garlic Festival is on for this year.


Sharon Kennedy stated that the deadline for newsletter articles is the Friday after the Board meeting.


Joyce Greenfield has been working with JudyQ to send out email blasts. They plan to migrate to the MailChimpplatform.

New Business

2022 Quilt Show
  • Robbie Berg reported that the venue (Hidden Creek Community Center) for the show (Oct. 1 & 2) has been lockedin. Jean Laswell suggested to her that it would be helpful in seeking grants to have a partner and suggested Ohana,a Hawaiian dance group which could then perform at the show.
  • Robbie has a red and white pineapple quilt top she will donate as the raffle quilt.
Joan moved that the Guild pay for the custom quilting of this quilt; the motion wasseconded and approved unanimously.
  • It was agreed to print more tickets this year as they have sold out in the past.
  • Sue suggested that a large partially constructed log cabin quilt donated to the Guild could be made into twoquilts that could sold at the show.
  • The theme for the show should be presented to the membership for approval; “tropical” would be appropriate.

Next Board meeting will be held on Sue Nichols’ deck on August 2 at 11:00am.

Marianne verified that the North Plains P.O. Box is being checked weekly. Joan agreed to take on this duty, withCheryl Kraft as a backup.

Columbia Community Bank does not work with QuickBooks. It was agreed to move banks and that the President andTreasurer would decide which bank to go with. The President, Treasurer, and Secretary are signers on the account. It was suggested that checks should require two signatures for amounts that exceed a “determined” amount, instead ofjust one as is presently done. This should be added to the bylaws. Also, an assistant to the Treasurer position should beadded; this person would also be a signer on the account.

Toni Beattie has considered volunteering.

Robbie is looking for someone to replace her as retreat chair. The next retreat is on Sept. 24 with a limit of 20 participants.

Sewing Saturday: Robbie asked that pre-registration and Zoom for this event (and future ones) be cancelled; participantswill just show up. There were no objections.

It was moved that the June 2021 Board minutes be approved. The motion was secondedand approved unanimously.

When in-person general meetings resume, it was suggested that a computer be set up with someone present to helpmembers register for programs. They can get hands-on instruction to help them feel more at ease using the website.JudyQ has offered to arrange this.

JudyQ will make a short presentation on navigating the website at the next general meeting.

Marianne would like to see improvements in the Guild’s social media presence. Alicia Johnson has volunteered forthis.

Marianne suggested the Board have a planning retreat in August. Sue and Sherry both volunteered their homes. Date tobe determined.

One must be a member in good standing (dues paid) to register for a program. In order to be included in the printeddirectory, a member must have renewed their membership by Sept. 21, 2021. The on-line directory can be updated atany time.

The new gmail addresses are for publication purposes only.

Robbie has the P.O. box keys and will give them to the Treasurer. Checks received in the mail for workshops will go first to Carol Sayles, then to the Treasurer. Online registration forms go immediately to the Registrar Carol Sayles, and the online payments will be directly deposited into our bank. Online viewing is real time and available to the Treasurerand chosen Administrators.

Old Business

Per JudyQ, the new website is up and running.

Bylaws, Standing Rules and Job Descriptions need to be updated. Marianne will ask Jane Faust and Julie Mason to headup a committee.

Respectfully submitted, Karen Newton,Secretary

WQG Board Meeting June 2021
Meeting Minutes
June 7, 2021

Present: Present: JudyQ Block, Susan Greathouse, Heidi Nesheim, Penni Eagan, Connie Gaebel, Chase Lawrence, Sharon Kennedy, Joyce Greenfield, Marianne Greenley, Cheryl Kraft, Karen Newton, Joan Courtney, Sue Nichols, Robbie Berg

The meeting opened by President JudyQ Block at 1:05 pm

This meeting was held through Zoom Video


Judy welcomed the new slate of officers, it is good for them to see what happens during a board meeting.

Quilt Show

Heidi Nesheim reported, due to personal issues she will be stepping down as the Quilt Show chair, however she will remain as a co-chair and continue to work on the facility location. Over the past 16 months Heidi has worked to find a facility for the 2022 quilt show. Heidi presented the option of the Hidden Creek Community Center. This new facility offers a large open space for the main show, foyer, patio and kitchen. Heidi is still working to get information regarding a classroom. The rented areas will be closed, with a temporary wall, from others using the center. There will be a separate entrance for show attendees. The approximate fee is $8,050. There will be a $50 refundable deposit required to secure the dates, October 1st and 2nd 2022, with set up on September 30th. There was a motion and second, it was approved to pay the deposit. Heidi will complete the reservation as soon as the center has the forms available later this month. There will need to be a new Quilt Show Chair. 

Vice President Education

Susan Greathouse contacted Siegel Foundation regarding an extension on their education grant due to no in-person classes in the schools. The request was granted, there is approx. $1700 remaining in the grant. Susan hopes there will be opportunities in the fall to go back to the schools. Susan will continue to lead this subcommittee. 

Vice President Charity

Judy received an email from Marilyn Alexander who was unavailable today. Jean Lasswell received a request from Kaiser Hospice for charity quilts. The charity committee stated there are a lot of quilts in storage for donations. There was discussion regarding changing charities and whether to do a one-time donation to Kaiser or delete Tuality Hospital and make ongoing donations to Kaiser. Cheryl Kraft will meet with the charity committee and discuss options. It was decided to make a one-time donation to Kaiser at this time and re-evaluate the future charities and their needs.  


There was a motion, second and approval of the May minutes. 


Penni Eagan emailed reports to board. Penni took the old computer to Best Buy and had its memory erased, it is now available for Zoom meetings.  The Committee budgets need to get to Penni as soon as possible. Penni asked if the budget needed to be voted on, Judy stated there is nothing in By-Laws, Standing Rules or Policies that require it to be voted to approve. Penni shared the budget is adjusted as much as possible due to all the Covid related events that were not held. She is making the budget for January 2022 to June 2022. 


The guild’s old computer will be used for Zooming the sewing days, Heidi will keep it unless it is needed elsewhere. At the May meeting Connie Gaebel requested a rotation to help Heidi run the Zoom Sewing Saturdays and Weekends. Heidi reported that no one has volunteered. There was a discussion as to what is involved having Zoom during Sewing Saturdays/Weekends.

Connie reported that due to multiple schedule changes at the Senior Center, Sewing Saturdays and Weekends will move to the second Saturday/weekend. She hopes this will eliminate a lot of schedule shuffling. August will be on the third Saturday with the new changes beginning in June. 

Sue Hauser will continue scheduling guest speakers until further notice of when we will return to in-  person meetings. Robbie Berg is doing a “test retreat” on June 23 in Canon Beach. She wants to determine if 25 attendees will work for the October retreat. There are still four opening for this trial retreat.  


Chase Lawrence reported that we have 192 members. The Featured Business member for June will be Jan’s Quilts. 

Chase is working with Judy updating the directory issues on the website. There will be a section on the registration form stating permission to use personal photos. Marianne Greenly suggested to only track those who do not want their photo posted. 

Ways & Means

No report

Quilt Barn Trail

As submitted by Jane Foust

QBT activities continue to be sluggish due to Corona Virus restrictions but there have been some activities this month.  I continue to respond to general public questions concerning our trail as they are submitted.  The Washington County Visitors Association has reprinted our official QBT map as supplies were nearing depletion.  See a front picture of the new map below.  The cover has changed and some updates made in blocks included – example:  the Blooming Hill Vineyard & Winery block that burned has been removed.  These maps are distributed by the Visitors Association by mail/ phone requests and in regular tourist stops throughout the county.  I also distribute through local county libraries, at presentations and a few local businesses.  

                Before the pandemic restrictions were in place, the QBT was requested to provide a presentation and organize a “car tour” for the local adult Girl Scouts organization.  I provided an article about the QBT in their organization’s newsletter.  But the tour was scheduled and cancelled more than once due to Covid.  In May, I was contacted again to reschedule the guided tour to October 2021 in hopes that Covid restrictions will allow the tour in the fall.  

                I continue to have conference calls every two months with Julie Hurliman of Tillamook Visitors Association.  She is currently coordinator of Tillamook’s QBT.  We share ideas, exchange forms and do some joint planning as allowed.  These calls have been very beneficial.


Deadline Friday


Joyce Greenfield shared the new email service through the website will help to eliminate member’s emails going into their spam. 

New Business

Judy reported the July 6th Board Meeting will be in person at Rood Bridge Park at 1:00 pm. 

Judy plans on a Website dedicated launch within two weeks. Judy will continue to manage items on the website until there is a “webmaster” from within the membership. The blog and cloud storage are paid through September and October, they will be continued to be used. 

Connie will form a committee to review By-laws, Standing Rules and Policies.

Old Business


The meeting was adjourned at 2:17 pm

Respectfully submitted, 

Heidi Nesheim, Secretary