Board Meeting Minutes

Westside Quilt Guild Board Meeting

WQG Board Meeting June 2021
Meeting Minutes
June 7, 2021

Present: Present: JudyQ Block, Susan Greathouse, Heidi Nesheim, Penni Eagan, Connie Gaebel, Chase Lawrence, Sharon Kennedy, Joyce Greenfield, Marianne Greenley, Cheryl Kraft, Karen Newton, Joan Courtney, Sue Nichols, Robbie Berg

The meeting opened by President JudyQ Block at 1:05 pm

This meeting was held through Zoom Video


Judy welcomed the new slate of officers, it is good for them to see what happens during a board meeting.

Quilt Show

Heidi Nesheim reported, due to personal issues she will be stepping down as the Quilt Show chair, however she will remain as a co-chair and continue to work on the facility location. Over the past 16 months Heidi has worked to find a facility for the 2022 quilt show. Heidi presented the option of the Hidden Creek Community Center. This new facility offers a large open space for the main show, foyer, patio and kitchen. Heidi is still working to get information regarding a classroom. The rented areas will be closed, with a temporary wall, from others using the center. There will be a separate entrance for show attendees. The approximate fee is $8,050. There will be a $50 refundable deposit required to secure the dates, October 1st and 2nd 2022, with set up on September 30th. There was a motion and second, it was approved to pay the deposit. Heidi will complete the reservation as soon as the center has the forms available later this month. There will need to be a new Quilt Show Chair. 

Vice President Education

Susan Greathouse contacted Siegel Foundation regarding an extension on their education grant due to no in-person classes in the schools. The request was granted, there is approx. $1700 remaining in the grant. Susan hopes there will be opportunities in the fall to go back to the schools. Susan will continue to lead this subcommittee. 

Vice President Charity

Judy received an email from Marilyn Alexander who was unavailable today. Jean Lasswell received a request from Kaiser Hospice for charity quilts. The charity committee stated there are a lot of quilts in storage for donations. There was discussion regarding changing charities and whether to do a one-time donation to Kaiser or delete Tuality Hospital and make ongoing donations to Kaiser. Cheryl Kraft will meet with the charity committee and discuss options. It was decided to make a one-time donation to Kaiser at this time and re-evaluate the future charities and their needs.  


There was a motion, second and approval of the May minutes. 


Penni Eagan emailed reports to board. Penni took the old computer to Best Buy and had its memory erased, it is now available for Zoom meetings.  The Committee budgets need to get to Penni as soon as possible. Penni asked if the budget needed to be voted on, Judy stated there is nothing in By-Laws, Standing Rules or Policies that require it to be voted to approve. Penni shared the budget is adjusted as much as possible due to all the Covid related events that were not held. She is making the budget for January 2022 to June 2022. 


The guild’s old computer will be used for Zooming the sewing days, Heidi will keep it unless it is needed elsewhere. At the May meeting Connie Gaebel requested a rotation to help Heidi run the Zoom Sewing Saturdays and Weekends. Heidi reported that no one has volunteered. There was a discussion as to what is involved having Zoom during Sewing Saturdays/Weekends.

Connie reported that due to multiple schedule changes at the Senior Center, Sewing Saturdays and Weekends will move to the second Saturday/weekend. She hopes this will eliminate a lot of schedule shuffling. August will be on the third Saturday with the new changes beginning in June. 

Sue Hauser will continue scheduling guest speakers until further notice of when we will return to in-  person meetings. Robbie Berg is doing a “test retreat” on June 23 in Canon Beach. She wants to determine if 25 attendees will work for the October retreat. There are still four opening for this trial retreat.  


Chase Lawrence reported that we have 192 members. The Featured Business member for June will be Jan’s Quilts. 

Chase is working with Judy updating the directory issues on the website. There will be a section on the registration form stating permission to use personal photos. Marianne Greenly suggested to only track those who do not want their photo posted. 

Ways & Means

No report

Quilt Barn Trail

As submitted by Jane Foust

QBT activities continue to be sluggish due to Corona Virus restrictions but there have been some activities this month.  I continue to respond to general public questions concerning our trail as they are submitted.  The Washington County Visitors Association has reprinted our official QBT map as supplies were nearing depletion.  See a front picture of the new map below.  The cover has changed and some updates made in blocks included – example:  the Blooming Hill Vineyard & Winery block that burned has been removed.  These maps are distributed by the Visitors Association by mail/ phone requests and in regular tourist stops throughout the county.  I also distribute through local county libraries, at presentations and a few local businesses.  

                Before the pandemic restrictions were in place, the QBT was requested to provide a presentation and organize a “car tour” for the local adult Girl Scouts organization.  I provided an article about the QBT in their organization’s newsletter.  But the tour was scheduled and cancelled more than once due to Covid.  In May, I was contacted again to reschedule the guided tour to October 2021 in hopes that Covid restrictions will allow the tour in the fall.  

                I continue to have conference calls every two months with Julie Hurliman of Tillamook Visitors Association.  She is currently coordinator of Tillamook’s QBT.  We share ideas, exchange forms and do some joint planning as allowed.  These calls have been very beneficial.


Deadline Friday


Joyce Greenfield shared the new email service through the website will help to eliminate member’s emails going into their spam. 

New Business

Judy reported the July 6th Board Meeting will be in person at Rood Bridge Park at 1:00 pm. 

Judy plans on a Website dedicated launch within two weeks. Judy will continue to manage items on the website until there is a “webmaster” from within the membership. The blog and cloud storage are paid through September and October, they will be continued to be used. 

Connie will form a committee to review By-laws, Standing Rules and Policies.

Old Business


The meeting was adjourned at 2:17 pm

Respectfully submitted, 

Heidi Nesheim, Secretary