2022 UFO Challenge

It’s time to start evaluating those “bags” of projects that you have started and abandoned for some reason (and I’m sure it was a perfectly good reason). We are starting the UFO Challenge effective NOW (June 2022) and we will have the reveal at the general meeting November 2022.

UFO is a project that you previously started and not completed…….not fabric in a bag yet to be started or a pattern you would like to make some day. The challenge is designated for a quilting project. However, if you have a clothing item that is quilted or you have a bag that is quilted, those would be considered UFO’s……the key phrase is ‘quilted” and they must have been started in time past.

To qualify for a completed UFO it must meet the following: the quilt (or item) must be quilted, the binding on, and a label. I understand some quilters do not label your quilts so we would let you skate by with that one..
There is no fee for this challenge and, yes, there will be prizes of some sort – those we are still determining.
Please send me a list of your UFO’s. I am not tracking you or judging you. I will be using the list for some fun or interesting challenges during the course …..don’t fret, this will be a fun thing. If you are interested, please be sure to let me know you are participating. This is a count that is important for prize considerations.

Click Here for a form for your use or you can send me what you have, either works for me (I just need a list). Please send by email: to Connie Gaebel(lookup in the directory) or snail mail to the Guild: PO Box 2231, Hillsboro OR 97123.

This challenge is on the honor system, no quilting police here. Around the first of November I will ask each participant to let me know how many you completed, and maybe some other info. Although we are all excited and interested in your completed projects; each of us will only be able to show three (3) completed projects at the reveal meeting – time issues and all. If you have any questions or need clarification, contact me by email or phone. The challenge is on and I’m excited to see what we all accomplish. My challenge to all of you – 100 completed UFO’s by the reveal meeting.